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реквизиты в евро


(for transfers in EURO)


Please find below the necessary information for receiving funds from abroad in Commercial Bank “NOOSPHERE”, Altay, Russia / Платежные инструкции для отправителя для перевода иностранной валюты в   Банк «НООСФЕРА», Россия, Алтай     


The information below should be presented by the sender to the bank from which the funds will be sent.



I.      Beneficiary/Получатель:  (The person receiving the funds)



Full name of the Beneficiary and address/ Наименование получателя и адрес)


2. ___________________________

                 (Beneficiary’s Account Number with Bank “NOOSPHERE”/ счет получателя в банке)


II.    Beneficiary’s Bank/ Банк получателя:


Commercial Bank “NOOSPHERE”

649000, Kommunisticheskiy pr. 26, Altay,

Gorno-Altaysk town, Russia

Correspondent account 30109978910000903101



III.   Intermediary Bank/ Банк корреспондент:


Promsvyazbank PJSC Moscow, Russia,


Account No 10094751040000


IV.  Correspondent Bank`s  for Intermediary Bank :


Deutsche Bank AG Taunusanlage 12, 60325 Frankfurt/Main Germany SWIFT: DEUT DE FF